About us

Famenest School is a music school to learn singing, musical instruments and many other performing arts. Here is a list of the courses we offer online and offline.

Famenest School Course List

  • Online music classes
  • Online singing classes
  • Online harmonium classes
  • Online piano classes
  • Online guitar classes
  • Harmonium Course
  • Online acting classes
  • Online Music Production Course
  • Voice over Course
  • Hindi songs piano notes
  • Hindi songs guitar chords
  • Hindi songs guitar notes

Students can learn many things related to music and acting on this website. We regularly update our articles so you always get new and unique content.

About the Founder

Famenest School was started by Anikett Sinha who is a dedicated singer and musician. Famenest school offers many courses online and offline so you can choose to learn as per your convenient.

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